Thursday, 19 April 2012

Crossing Things off my "List"

I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other day about things I've always wanted in my life, and one of my biggest dreams came to mind: I've always wanted to write a book. I don't have a plot idea, I don't know who I want my audience to be, I just know I want to write. I've always loved literature, and writing has been my passion. The first thing I said to her is, "I know it's not impossible, but my dream is big." To which she replied, "Dreams are supposed to be big."

At that moment, I remembered some of the things I learned at Lifeclass, which really impacted me. Tony Robbins stated, (paraphrased) "Decisions are our destiny. Do something significant, and don't make excuses." The only one who's stopping me from being great is myself. I've made excuses not to move forward, I've stayed in the past, stayed bitter, and sacrifice my happiness. The only one who truly has the power to make me happy and successful is ME. Bishop T.D. Jakes gave the room a reality check with humour and a no non-sense approach to life. He said, it's normal when life is full of chaos. This is what helps us grow as human beings and move on from what went wrong. My favourite metaphor Bishop T.D. Jakes used was comparing chickens to eagles. Chickens stay in their coop all day long, but eagles spread their wings and fly. People who are afraid to experience failure, hide away in their "coops" and never try great things. Meanwhile, those who follow their dreams see their failures as another step closer to their success.

Don't be a chicken in an eagle's world. Be an eagle, spread your wings and fly.

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