Thursday, 1 August 2013

Vacationing, Cats & Ramadan

Ramadan is soon coming to an end. There is about one week left of fasting, before Eid. Overall, Allahumdulillah fasting was pretty good. The first couple of days were tough, then my body slowly got used to it. Most of our schedules change drastically while we are fasting. Since we eat breakfast (sehri) before Fajr prayers, which (this year) was at around 3-3:30 am. And don't get to bed till about 12 or even 1 am, after we are finished reading Isha and Taraweeh prayers. It requires a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifice of sleep and food, but Inshallah it will pay off in the end. My Ramadans are usually relatively quiet. I don't go out much. The week prior to Ramadan was rather hectic. So here's what I had been up to:

My husband and I took a weekend vacation up North to Wiarton, Manitoulin Island and Tobermory. We crammed in a whole bunch of fun activities in three days and managed to do almost every touristy activity each city had to offer. So here's a rough little diary of how we spent our trip:

Day 1 (Friday): Drove out of the city late afternoon. Grabbed dinner on the way to Tobermory. Originally, we were going to spend all three days in Tobermory. Instead, we lodged at Wiarton for the night.

Day 2 (Saturday): The motel/lodge we stayed at provided continental breakfast (muffins, cereal, coffee, tea, yogurt, buns, and such). We talked to the motel owner about what activities they had in Wiarton. He arranged for us to get a chartered fishing boat early evening, so that gave us all morning and half of the afternoon to get some sight seeing in. We spent our morning/afternoon at the local park, local beach, downtown and did some hiking. Afterwards, we headed back to the dock, and hung out on the fishing boat for a about 3-4 hours. We didn't catch any fish, but the weather was amazing and we got to see a beautiful sunset on our way back to shore. After fishing, we went for dinner to a local restaurant, that served the best bruschetta I've ever tasted. That was the end of day 2.

Day 3 (Sunday): We planned to go to Tobermory on Sunday, but decided to take a two hour ferry ride (from Tobermory) down to Manitoulin Island instead. Manitoulin Island is the largest lake island in the world! It was truly a sight to see. The towns were so far apart, and there weren't any people, stores, restaurants or even gas stations for miles! It was all just lake after lake after lake. There is only one traffic light on the entire island, which we never even ran into! It was really refreshing and so different from the city. The lakes and beaches were so shallow, and the water was so blue. One of my favourite things we did was visit Bridal Veil Falls. It's a cute little waterfall with a pool of water under it that you can swim in, and walk around behind the waterfall. It was amazing. The island sleeps early, everything closed at about 6-6:30. We managed to find a restaurant open late just in time for dinner! Mind you, "open late" in Toronto means about 1 am, in Manitoulin Island, it means 8:30 pm! After dinner, we headed down to a lakeside cottage for the night.

Day 4 (Monday): We planned to rent a paddle boat in the morning (from the cottage) but the day started off quite cold and windy, so that was a bust. We drove around the island a bit more in the morning before heading back to the ferry, back to Tobermory. As soon as we got off the ferry, we got on a glass bottom boat tour that takes you around to the Tobermory shipwrecks (that is something Tobermory is known for. People do a lot of scuba diving there.) The boat tour was about an hour long. And that was the end of our trip! We took the scenic route back home, driving through Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach.

These were the highlights of our trip. In between all these activities, we saw lots of beaches and look out points. It was a lot of driving from place to place. Loads of fun, it was a wonderful trip.

We came home to find out that our cat (Pepper) needed immediate medical attention. He accumulated a urinary infection as a result of 1. Eating cheap cat food (Whiskas dry food, Purina Cat Chow and Friskies canned wet food, for anyone who has pets) and 2. Not drinking enough water. We took him to the vet and they treated him right away. Poor kitty went through a lot while at the vet and was hospitalized for three days. Once he finally came home, I had to medicate him for about a week and half to help dissolve his urinary crystals. He is now on a special prescription diet and is back to his usual crazy antics Allahumdulillah! He's healed well, and it's great to see him back to normal! Running about, opening cabinets, meowing up a storm, and what not! Because of this scare, we've also changed Tiger's diet, to a better, more expensive and grain-free food. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, but the vet(s) at the clinic informed us that urinary infections are quite common in cats and especially more so in male cats, so that was rather comforting. I would like to give a shout out to my AMAZING vet(s) for helping Pepper through this crazy ordeal!

So there you have it. My miscellaneous updates for the day. =)


  1. Glad to hear Pepper is better.

    1. Thank you so much! Me too. Ever since we changed their food, their coats are also feeling more silky and smooth. =)

  2. So strange. I have a cat named Tiger, and one named Pepper.
    They both love Friskies canned, and cheap dry.
    Luckily, no URI's but I encourage them to drink lots of water. Come to think of it, they are never sick (knock on wood). One of the outdoor cats (Sam) got an eye infection, but gave him an antihistamine I got at Wal-Mart, and amoxicillin I got at feed store, and problem solved in two days. Another outdoor cat got hit by speeding car, and had to have tail removed, but six weeks later he was jumping from roof to roof again. My two indoor cats have never really been sick, thank God. .