Friday, 4 July 2014

What I Do and Don't Miss about City Living

When we first decided to move to the countryside, of course I was excited but a part of me was also nervous. I felt like there were certain things I would miss from the city that wouldn't be readily available in a small town. It goes without saying, that I would miss seeing my family and friends. However, this adjustment has gotten much easier because many of our family and friends have been visiting us more often, now that the weather has gotten so beautiful.

The one thing I can honestly say that I do miss about Toronto is when I used to volunteer at my local animal shelter. I would go there every weekend and volunteer as a "cat cuddler." Playing with all those homeless cats and kittens would make me feel so happy. Nothing ever made me feel as happy as I did when I was around those cats.

The best days were when we would get to see the animals get adopted. It was hard not to get attached to some of them, but deep down inside, you always wanted to see them leave the shelter, and never come back. The most fun I ever had was playing with numerous kittens simultaneously. The workers and volunteers knew it was the older cats who needed more attention. The cats would stay in the shelter for much longer than the kittens. Even so, there were times when we (the volunteer cat cuddlers) were selfish and played with the kittens anyway because we couldn't resist their cuteness.

There were a few superficial things which I thought I would really miss once I moved, but in all honesty, I've not missed them one bit. It's amazing how the mind work. Once something unimportant is taken away from your life, it really makes you reflect and wonder if you ever needed it in your life in the first place.

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