Thursday, 7 June 2012

Diary of 2 Cats: Kitten Edition (Part 4)

Tiger had to go back to the vet, as his upper respiratory infection and eye infection haven't completely gone away. In retrospect, they have improved. But we're waiting for a fully recovery before both cats can start living together. Pepper did sneak into the bedroom a couple of times without us noticing. We are really careful about making sure none of the two cats escape, but he was smart and sneaky!

Both times, Pepper just walked around the room smelling things, trying to steal Tiger's food and just doing his own thing. The first time they came together, Tiger attacked Pepper and Pepper wasn't having any of it. He attacked back. There was lots of biting, scratching, wrangling eachother's necks but no hissing or growling. The second time, Tiger attacked Pepper from behind. At first, Pepper did not react. He was being very gentle and patient. He took the abuse for a few moments, until he got annoyed and fought back. I know it'll take a few tries before they start living together in peace in harmony.

Right now, we are more worried about Tiger feeling better. He's been sick for far too long, and we really want him to be healthy. The vet did say it's tricky for kittens since they do have weaker immune systems. I am just doing my best in medicating him and hoping for the best. The medicating part has gotten harder. He's grown and has gotten stronger over the last few weeks. It's harder to catch him and force the syringe down his throat now. I tried locking him in the bathroom earlier this morning, but as soon as I opened the door with his antibiotics, he quickly bolted under the bed. He's gotten smarter, now he knows it's coming. I blackmail him with his toys and treats.

Just trying to stay positive and be patient.

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