Thursday, 24 May 2012

Diary of 2 Cats: Kitten Edition (Part 3)

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do too many cat meet-and-greets in the last few days. Tiger's been sneezing out mucus and is still recovering from an eye infection, so we decided to hold off the meetings until after he's completely better. We didn't want to risk Pepper catching anything from him.

The good news is, Tiger survived his first visit to the vet's office! He meowed a little bit on his way out of the apartment, but by the time we got there, he was pretty relaxed. He nearly fell asleep in his carrier a couple of times. The vet gave us some medication (for his sneezing) and an ointment (for his eye infection). Let me tell you, trying to force feed a kitten his medication, is like playing a game of tug of war twice a day! (Three times, if you include trying to force his eye open, and putting the ointment on it.) It's ridiculous, but it has to be done. I really hope it will pay off in the long run, and he recovers soon enough. I'm waiting for the day my two kitties can come together and coexist.

They still keep playing together through the door crack. It's so cute to watch, and it keeps me hopeful. However, I think I was wrong about Pepper being the dominating cat. Pepper is now just being curious, but the few times we did bring the cats together, Tiger was the one who kept pawing at Pepper every time he walked by. So, the tiny, cute, adorable little kitten could end up being the boss! One of my main concerns was having two male cats in the same house, I didn't want Pepper to start spraying. Thank God, I didn't get any of that. He's behaving, and for the most part, doing his own thing, going about his day, minding his own business.

Tiger is very cuddly. He loves cuddling right up to our faces and sleeping on our chest(s.) I'm a little reluctant to let him do this right now, since he's already sneezed on us a few times. (Gross, I know...)

In a way, we have the best of both worlds. One nice, gentle cat who is not very cuddly and one super cuddly cat who is a bit of a fighter.

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