Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Diary of 2 Black Cats: Part 4

So, unfortunately, the two cats did not bond as I had hoped. Pepper is very curious, he keeps wanting to go into the room and play with the other kitty. But, Blackjack keeps hissing and growling and wants to be left alone. My theory is that Blackjack feels like he can intimidate Pepper because he's a bigger cat (taller, longer, etc.) I wanted to give it a week, but Blackjack has not been accepting of Pepper. Our ultimate goal was to find a second cat who was a good companion for Pepper, and we want Pepper to feel comfortable and safe in his home. After all, he was here first. This is his house. So, Blackjack will be returned in the next few days.

Blackjack is a nice cat on his own. Whenever I went into the room to spend some time with him, he was very affectionate and friendly. He would give out a meek "mew" every now and then, and rub all over my leg. When I sat down, he would come cuddle in lap and fall asleep. He's been sleeping right next to me at night. Last night he actually slept ON me, on my stomach. He also slept on the pillow for the half the night (which is actually Pepper's spot lol.) He's a good cat, so hopefully he finds a good new home.

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