Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diary of 2 Black Cats: Part 5 (final)

So, unfortunately it didn't go as great as I had anticipated. I really wanted to give it minimum one full week (seven days) but on the fifth day, Pepper began "marking his territory" by scratching up the bedroom door all day and all night. Although he is neutered, I had read/heard that with 2 male cats being in the same house, that scratching can potentially turn into spraying. I really did not want to risk it, so Blackjack was sent back last night.

I didn't think I'd say this, but I actually missed my first night away from Blackjack. He was only here for five days so I didn't think I'd bonded with him so quickly. But he really liked me, and I guess I returned the love without even knowing it. He followed me around the room, he cuddled up in my lap, and he slept with me. Pepper is very affectionate and friendly, but he is not cuddly. He will not sit/sleep in my lap, so it was nice to have a temporary lap-cat. Pepper is thrilled (to say the least) to have his place back. After Blackjack was gone and I opened up the room again, he sniffed around a bit, and then ran around the apartment creating havoc (as he often does!)

I guess it is for the best. Blackjack and Pepper are both attention seeking cat. I feel like Pepper was willing to share that affection with another cat, but Blackjack was not. Whenever I was giving Blackjack any attention, he was happy. But, when I gave Pepper any attention, all hell broke loose. That is when Blackjack began hissing at Pepper (I think out of jealousy.) Blackjack wanted all the attention all to himself!

Pepper is a very nice, talkative, affectionate cat. He's very playful, and wants to be played with at least two or three times a day. He plays "fetch" with paper balls. He hangs out with us, sleeps on our head at night, follows us around everywhere, and rubs on our legs. He is pretty gentle (for the most part), and is great with children. And by "great with children", I mean he runs away when there are kids around and minds his own business! ;) The only time he'll claw or bite is when he's playing with is, never out of aggression. Our favourite feature about him is that he is a noisy cat. He meows day and night, for absolutely no reason at all. Many people find his meowing annoying, but my husband and I find it endearing. When he's not meowing, we try to force "meows" out of him! The only flaw he has is that he will not sit in my lap.

Blackjack is not much of a meower, he's a quieter cat compared to Pepper. He is very friendly and affectionate (once he gets to know you.) He is a bit more calm and relaxed than Pepper. Although, he also loves to play "fetch" with a rolled up paper ball!  If you want someone you can spend an afternoon with, Blackjack is the perfect lap-cat! He's fallen asleep in my lap for hours, and I found his purrs to be very therapeutic. If you get cold easily, do not fear. He will cuddle up to you and keep you warm at night.

As you can see, both cats have great personalities, they just clashed. Who would have thought cats are just as different from one another as humans!

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