Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Diary of 2 Cats: Kitten Edition (part 6)

I think I'll have to rename my upcoming posts, considering Tiger is not a kitten anymore! I thought I recorded his vet updates but it turns out I didn't. The last time we took him to the (second) vet office, there was a different vet on duty. This was roughly about two months ago. I was kind of frustrated that we weren't seeing the same vet again but it actually worked out in my favour in the end. So this would be the third vet whose examining Tiger.

This third vet we saw ended up being the most helpful compared to the previous two. He did a thorough test of Tiger by putting a green dye in both his eyes. When the dye leaked out through his right nostril but not his left, the doctor declared there is a blockage between the left nose and eye canal. He explained to us this is a chronic condition which can possibly be fixed by steroids (which we bought and used. But it did no good.) He then said if the steroids don't work, there is a small procedure you can get done which will implant an opening into his tear duct. However, he very clearly stated there's still no guarantee this condition will clear and it'll cost us an arm and a leg.

It turns out as long as he's eating, drinking, playing and is not showing any pain or discomfort towards his eye infection, it's nothing to worry about. It'll certainly be annoying to constantly have to clean the leakage from his eye on a regular basis but the vet said it will annoy us more then it'll annoy him and I think my little Tiger is worth the extra mile =).

On a side note: I noticed Pepper's behaviour is much naughtier then Tiger's, which I find pretty ironic! Pepper is the one constantly attempting to open all my kitchen cabinets and scratch up the furniture while Tiger runs away with a single spray of water. My theory is since we got Tiger as a kitten, he was easier to train. We missed Pepper's kittenhood so perhaps he was already set in his naughty ways!

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