Tuesday, 25 December 2012


There are just a handful of TV shows I watch, BBC's Merlin being amongst the few. The series has been on for five years, and I can't express how much I love this show and here's why. Those who follow my other blog know how much I love wizards and magic, and that's what Merlin brought to the table. The story of Merlin and Arthur is set in the medieval days when magic is outlawed in the city of Camelot. Merlin becomes Arthur's head servant, forcing himself to hide his magic powers from his King/friend all these years. I have a soft spot for stories set in the medieval times. I just find something fantastical about castles, sword fights, knights and magic. I also found the series was relatively family oriented. The story lines were clean, and the overall message of the show was to believe in yourself and stand up for what you believe in. The legend of King Arthur has been retold many times, in many different versions, and this was no exception. 
Last night, the show all came to an end with it's series finale. The ending was rather unsatisfying. I don't want to give too much away (in case someone is watching, or wishes to watch.) However, I will say this: It was all leading up to a great battle with King Arthur and his knights fighting the evil Lady Morgana. I expected a whole lot more to happen during the battle and I thought everything was very rushed. As previously mentioned, one of the reasons I watched the show was because of it's magical charm. The very last scene of the episode took all of that away for me. I was expecting to get a bit teary eyed because it's all over, but instead I was scratching my head and asking myself, "Um... what just happened?"

The writer's did such a fantastic job of keeping the story line interesting through out the entire series, but it almost felt like there was no thought whatsoever put into the end. It's a shame Merlin is not real and can't cast a spell to make me forget that awful end to such a great story.

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