Thursday, 24 January 2013


The last couple of years of my life, I've been going through some (positive) changes. As a little girl, I was a very meek and shy kid. This would often make me the victim of verbal bullying since someone who doesn't speak up or talk back is always the easiest target. However, I've been working on changing that. I just recently made a wonderful discovery: you can be a strong and opinionated woman without being a b**** about it. Looking back, I realized there were so many things I could have changed had I spoken up and expressed my thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, I am not the type of person to regret the past; just move on and fix the problem.

I feel like this new "ability" to express my own opinions has given me the self worth I don't think I ever really had before. I feel better about myself, and don't feel guilty for having an opinion. I've finally learned that there is no such thing as a wrong opinion. I have just as much right to an opinion as the next person. Sometimes those opinions may cause colourful debates, and that's okay. It is important to take a stand and not back down, especially if it is something you care deeply about.

This new found confidence seems to be manifesting in all aspects of my life. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I've recently lost a bit of weight. I've lost 20 pounds, and still have 20 more to go. Although I'm currently at a halt and haven't lost anymore, I'm really proud of what I've accomplished. I keep reminding myself that I'm halfway there, and these are just the stepping stones to a better me. I feel stronger and more energetic now that I'm eating right and following a workout regimen. I used to think I needed a personal trainer to give me a boost, but I can honestly say I did it all myself. I researched on what to eat (what not to eat) and what sort of activity would play a role and helping me lose weight. Furthermore, it's a really nice feeling when someone sees me after a long time and they say "Wow, you lost so much weight! You look so good!" and in my head, I can (shamelessly) agree with them. ;)

As proud as I am of myself for my self growth, it is important to keep reminding myself there is a fine line between confidence and pride.

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