Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thank God for Everything

So I was feeling kind of down a few weeks ago. Many of my lovely family and friends have been going on international vacations/trips lately. I was happy (for them) that they were going and enjoying life, but seeing them going on trips, just reminded me that I wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved hearing stories about what they saw, what they did, seeing their vacation pictures, and hearing all about their beautiful experiences. But I didn't just want to hear of those experiences, I wanted to experience them myself. After much reflection, I reminded myself that even though I'm not currently traveling around the world, I have been blessed in many other ways.

I wanted to go back to school for the longest time, and I learned of a website which offers online University courses (from a good friend of mine). Allahumdulillah, I successfully completed two courses so far. The courses were enjoyable, and now I am taking a couple of others. Just last week, I wrote an essay for Philosophy about time travel, entitled "Is Time Travel Logically Possible?" I had so much fun with it. I have always loved writing essays, and to write about something with a hint of science fiction, just added to the fun of it! The fact that I am finally able to go back to school and study at a University level is a true blessing, I wanted it (and prayed for it) for a long time, and now I am actually doing it.

I have previously wrote about my weight loss experience. That was also something I wanted for a long time. I finally took initiative, and succeeded in doing so!

Furthermore, vacation wise: Although I have not done very many international vacations, I have done a lot of mini vacations, and a local (and mini) vacation is still a vacation. The last couple of summers, we've been driving 2-3 hours away from home, and spending the weekend by a lake. Last year was my first time doing this in a beautiful lakeside cottage. We stayed there for about 3 days and all we did the whole time was go boating, fishing and just enjoy the lake (aside from a few trips into the city for meals). It was the most fun I had all summer. If you do your homework, it is amazing how much fun you can have right in your own backyard, and you won't need to break the bank to do so.

I also recently learned of a new term: "Staycation," which I think I am a bit of an expert in! Even if you don't go out of town, find some local fun things to do in your own city. Every year, I enjoy doing miscellaneous fun things in the city: going to local parks, going to the waterfront, seeing some of the (free) festivals Toronto has to offer. Free festivals like IceFest, Word on the Street, etc. Being an avid library user, I often take advantage of the free museum/art gallery passes they offer. I've used these passes more then once, much to my contentment! Being a foodie, I also have a knack for finding and trying out some "local cuisine." I have discovered some lovely little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants and cafes, which often taste much better (and have a more homely environment) than some of the famous franchises!

So I'd say overall, Allahumdulillah life is pretty good. For the things I am hoping for in the future and have not gotten yet (like, doing a bit of world traveling), I think patience will pay off in the end. I may not go today, I may not go tomorrow, but somewhere down the road, Inshallah I will get my opportunity to do some world travels, do some lovely sightseeing and try international local cuisine! <3

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